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Depressed & Angry

Hey, I'm new to this site and never done anything like this before. I struggle to explain and talk about my problems (even to professionals) instead I seem to wear a mask and plaster on a smile that I've learnt to perfect over the years. I'm a mum of 2, work full time and have been suffering from depression for nearly 20 years (I'm 32). I've recently changed my meds from venlafaxin to sertraline and I'm suffering from really bad anger. I've had a massive meltdown and literally told my husband I want a divorce, I can't stop swearing either. I do sometimes get angry, but probably no more than the next person, but nothing like the anger I'm feeling now. Anyone else been in a similar situation?

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Hi there and welcome, I have been on Antidepressants for years and never experienced this. But changing your Meds may have affected you. If there was no reasonable reason to fight and swear and ask for a divorce, then I would make an appointment immediately with your Dr. Or your husband may get browned d off too. Sounds like the tablets don't agree with you, but I can't say as I'm not a Dr. And don't know all the ins and outs of your situation.

Good luck and let us know how you are.




Welcome to the site.

I've had a funny reaction to an antidepressant called mirtazapine, I was aggressive and very bad tempered - out of character for me. It didn't suit me.

I went back to my GP, discussed it and said I was not happy staying in the tablet.

You can request a change of medication too. Speaking to your GP is the best thing to do though.

They are different types of antidepressants, the venlafaxine is an SNRI and sertraline is an SSRI, so it could be your body adjusting to the new medication. But it is YOUR choice whether you want to continue living though it until it may resolve or not. Like I said, you can request a change of medication if you feel it doesn't suit you and you don't like the way it makes you feel.

Best wishes 💗


Hello Northwestgal, first of all I must say how well you are doing as a mother of 2 , and working full time to be coping so well with depression and keeping up a cheerful face to the world. That says an awful lot for your inner strength.

I've never taken sertraline. Did the anger start to become worse with the change to sertraline? Whether or not this is the case it is very important that you make a real effort to keep this anger in check. Anyone suffering depression gains a lot from the support of family and friends and anger is likely to antagonise these. People are uncomfortable around anger no matter at what its directed. Most seriously if the row with your husband was a result of this anger you must repair the damage of that as soon as possible. I presume if you have sufferered with depression on and off for 20 years your husband has been in the main supportive.

With two young children the stresses you would face without your husband would be increased far more than you can imagine. I need hardly add this would not be good.

I would go back to your GP and find out what you can about the effect of sertraline if you suspect this is responsible, do all you can to curb this anger, and make up with your husband .

I also kept up a cheerful front and no one knew of my depression throughout my career except my wife (and of course my GP). I could n't have done that without my wife's support. My wife and I now live separately, but amicably, but I can tell you that without her life is doubly difficult.


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