Hi All

I'm toadie new to this group. I'm a really good listen and give great support to others.I struggle to give myself the same treatment. When I comes to posting how I'm doing I'm shy and a private person so letting someone in and sharing how I feel I can write it all down but to hit the send/post button I just can't. I'm a happy person to the world I've been wearing that mask for so long it's natural. Trying so hard to fake it till I make it. It's second nature. I struggle to open up and let folk in. So posting here about how I feel may take some time

Be kind to yourself and challenge yourself little and often 🤓

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  • Bless you , I think we can all wear a mask at times it's not a bad thing sometimes it's a protective thing . I'm quite a private person but if you met me you would never know that I'm easy to get on with and I'm generally interested in people love life could do without all the pain I suffer and the low mood . I think you have opened up lovely and I understand . Take care come back often . Xx

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