How is everyone doing?

Hi. Just thought I'd post to see how everyone is doing. This forum is the best, so I just wanted to shout out to everyone here. Thanks for all of the help and support!! :-)

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  • That's very sweet of you to say and I'm very pleased you are finding us helpful and supportive.


  • I started to use this site as a source of comfort and support after a recent

    bereavement. I find it a great help to me in what has been the most difficult time of my life. I have been a carer for many years, looking after a close family relative through terminal illness. For most of the time it was a very positive experience, but in the end it left me severely anxious and depressed. With help through dropping in on this site, from my doctor and close friends I am gradually improving, but it is taking a long time to feel well again. The medication I have been taking and still take is mirtazapine, and for me it has proved to be the right course of treatment - I don't know where I would have been without it. It is only now that I realise how ill I have been through anxiety, exhaustion, stress and depression. There is no quick fix, it just takes time and patience. There are many days when I feel as though I am taking a backward

    step, but I am finding there are plenty of things in life to look forward to and many reasons to want to get better again.

  • Thanks for your reply :-) This is very inspiring. I hope I can also begin thinking as you do. It is so hard having to live with this anxiety and depression. Thanks again!

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