Been a while since I posted, things have got a bit better for me, thanks to the support of my husband, doctor and after much deliberation, a psychologist. I have cut myself off from my father and his second family and that was the start of beginning again with my own life. It's not perfect, I still can't do all the things I used to but I'm trying. I hope that one day I will be able to stop taking the pills but I'm not rushing. I hope that everyone will one day feel better. Thanks for all the support I got from this site and the good people who use it.

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  • Thank you so Maman2144

    Take each day as it comes and embrace it, take good care of yourself.


  • What a lovely post. It is so good to hear of your progress. Well done!

  • So nice to see a positive post. Knowing that you coped with a black period should give you so much hope now things are going better. You're very wise to be "not rushing". I hope things improve further for you.


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