At a loss


I have suffered with anxiety and severe depression for a couple of years now it all started when my endometriosis started to effect my daily life I then got pregnant and had a miscarriage which then last month lead to my 6 year relationship breaking down.

My ex is brilliant and still supports me when I'm low but my depression is only getting worse my doctor just tells me to talk to people rather than giving me medication but talking just isn't doing it I actually tried to overdose last week but failed just made myself really poorly

I've lost faith in my doctors but need something to help me cope I've got to the point where I can't leave my house without having an anxiety attack I'm only 25 and just can't cope anymore!!

Help please!!!

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  • Heya,

    Sorry to hear things have taken such a bad turn for you of late.

    The AD medications are, in my experience, only really a sticking-plaster for depression.

    Have you been referred to any counsellors or talking therapies?

  • Hey yeah

    I've been going to see a counsellor and i feel great when I leave but as soon as I get home in bed I turn back into this dark horrible train of thought friends stay with me for aslong as they can and I have started seeing a new partner who is really supportive but again I don't want to put on him to much and spoil that but I just am at a loss I have no idea what to do with myself!

  • With the endometriosis, the recent pregnancy, & the loss through the miscarriage, no wonder you feel the way you do. Your hormones must be all over the place! We tend to forget that hormones affect our brains, as well & can become imbalanced. Maybe a combo of your GP, a therapist, & a gynecologist can come up with medication that will actually suit your needs.

  • Hey sorry I've not been on in a bit

    I know it's just all to much I'm trying so hard to just concentrate on work and I have been seeing a councillor but as soon as I get home and get in bed it all comes flooding back I just don't know what else to do!

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