Hi I don't know what to do I feel so lost and sad all the time I feel like I can't find me anymore and I just want to feel like.me again please tell me it gets better.

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  • Hi Jorna

    I'm sorry you're feeling so sad and lost, it must be upsetting for you. What did you Doctor say?

    Jorna, Please read through The Shaw Mind Foundation resources here:



  • Hi sweet pea, so sorry you feel disconnected from the you that can cope with the world, but that person is still there albeit hidden in the background.

    It's sometimes so easy to slip into depression and feel despondent and can take so much effort to change, but you have more inner strength than you sometimes feel and have to keep trying to do things differently to make that change happen.

    Attack depression from every angle, even if it's tiny changes each day until the good ones become habit forming. Think of your diet and if certain foods are making you feel sluggish, usually it's the ones you crave for most. Make yourself walk in the sunshine, not only is the exercise good but if your finding it hard to get out you could have developed a vitamin deficiency as well.

    Someone said if you take care of the minutes the hours will look after themselves and this is very true, its ok to acknowledge to yourself how low you feel but follow it with the distraction of what you can do at this moment and if it's something you can enjoy try to keep that thought as something to build on.

    Try to talk to as many people as you can about anything that makes you smile, sometimes you have to laugh at the absurdities of life just as a way of accepting what you can't change and always work on what you can change. Remain compassionate to your friends, sometimes you can't see the pain they also keep hidden.

    Use music, films, books and of those uplifting media that you feel can give you a little escapism from negative thoughts that keep refusing to dissolve on there own.

    Our health system does have its failings, but never give up on seeking help, but just say no to what doesn't help you, everyone is different and no treatment fits all unfortunately, but maybe it's best not to have unrealistic high expectations that there is a simple cure, it might be easy to mend a broken leg but not so easy to fix our natural emotions that can sometimes go rampant and course no end of disruption.

    Try to be inquisitive, we have a wealth of information on the internet to help with depression, please keep trying to find what will help with the pain you are going through.

    Lots of love and hugs xxx

  • Such a helpful reply you should do a post. It would be so good for others to read. I'm not sure everyone reads replies. I know I sometimes miss one or two. Glad I didn't miss this one. Pam

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