used and lost

So I made friends with a lovely couple , well I so I thought. We have been so close for over a year now.

Until someone new comes along! Then as always I am kicked to the curb. Its seems that once I have helped translate sort legal paper works make calls run around like a blue ass fly I am no longer needed.

Why are people user ?????

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  • Hello Doneanddusted, sorry to hear this new friendship has n't worked out and that ,reading your posts , you've had quite a rough time over the last few months. I notice you live in Spain, but since you've mentioned your husband in posts ,and have excellent English I wonder if you've married someone from Spain and gone to live there. I've never lived abroad but imagine that apart from bringing a lot of excitement to life it could also bring a lot of extra stress.

    If you were in the UK I would say that you should visit your GP to discuss the problems you are having and if he felt it necessary he would refer you for counselling. I have no idea of the Spanish medical system but you should certainly be getting some support and help with some of these problems and should consult a doctor. Your mother and husband should also be able to offer support so make sure you discuss your feelings and problems as much as possible with them and we are always here as extra back up when you need to unburden.

    Sorry if I've got the wrong end of the stick in any of this but if I'm right you are presumably being asked to help translate and sort legal matters for other English people in Spain. Most people are pretty decent and I'm sure the help you can give is much appreciated although there will always be a few who take advantage of your good nature. Don't be too disappointed in this ,as you know the human race is far from perfect, but as I say most people are prettty decent and in my opinion you will make good friends through the help you can give.

    Certainly see a doctor though as some of the feelings you've detailed in other posts indicate depression which makes life very painful at times and which we all need supoort and medical help with.


  • Hi there Doneanddusted

    Life has been really tough for a long time and particularly the past year. You've encountered and overcome problems that many of us would have given up on but you're tough and your a survivor. In this world, I'm afraid that some of us encounter so called friends that use us and move on and it sounds like this is what's happened to you. I think you're still vulnerable from your previous ordeal and if you can get through that, then I have every faith that you'll get over this. It's another of life's lessons, painful but you'll get over it and it will make you stronger.

    Take care


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