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Some motivation nee


Hi, just found this site tonight. I think I am at the lowest I've been ever. I can't seem to get anything done. I just lay in my bed and wait for a new day. I know this sounds stupid but I can't seem to be motivated to do anything. I would appreciate any suggestions. I have 2 little ones and a husband that does not speak to me and if he does it's in a smart ass way. No I don't want to leave him, my kids like being around both of us and they don't want to live anywhere else currently, they are 11 &7.

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Have you tried talking To you're husband about it? .. find something that interests you to keep you busy, even taking a walk to clear you're head.

talking with him doesn't work, but I can try to keep busy, but I don't know what to do to accomplish this. I can try a walk, thanks

Plumy babies, when is the last time you saw your GP? You could be low on iron, B-12, anemic, you could be depressed. See your doc ASAP, there is help available!!!

plzmybabies in reply to Redhots7

I am depressed, I've tried 13 different meds this year and nothing seems to help, might try one more time but I don't know. My therapist thinks I'm doing better but I don't think so. The more I think and try to do things the less I accomplish. I'm at a loss. Thanks

rimbrar in reply to Redhots7

Hi plzmybabies try to watch tv serials tht interests u or getting involve with children is best I can suggest I usually watch some movies when I feel alone or depressed tht helps me a lot .i no sometimes we feel alone even when we r surrounded by people we look for one person to talk. I happened to me a lot try to play ur fav music I avoid listening sad music when I m depressed

plzmybabies in reply to rimbrar

I can try music, but watching Netflix is really bad for me. I want to know what is happening next. I've tried saying I'll watch 1 episode then do laundry or whatever then I just end up watching tv all day.

rimbrar in reply to plzmybabies

U no I used to watch vampire diaries and serial awkward it was fun and I will see how ur mood swings after watching these serials they r too good u can find them on google easily

Plzmybabies, The hardest step is the first one. Set one goal for each day . Let it be something that your husband will notice. Just one, you can do one load of laundry, one casserole for dinner, etc etc etc . Then try 2 things and so on . You talk about your therapist, when is last time you saw GP ?

plzmybabies in reply to Redhots7

3 weeks ago, for vertigo caused by wellburrin, he did blood work and said everything came back normal.

Celino in reply to plzmybabies

Hello Plzmybabies,

I'm fairly new to depression and my depression was triggered because I was mugged just outside my work when I was on my break. Although I think it has been with me for quite a while for a number of reasons.

I'm still off work and recovering in my house.

The worst days I don't even go out of the front door. Sometimes is a struggle just so little things as making my bed, if I actually get out of it.

I have been finding that setting at least 2 tasks the day before and keeping to it makes a big difference. Today I did laundry and washed up. My partner is being very supportive, but I do think it makes the difference to include them in everything with regards to my depression. I have managed to open up and say things I have never shared with anyone else.

Have you tried that?

Hope you feel a bit better soon


plzmybabies in reply to Celino

thanks, I will try and set some small goals. Sorry about what happened to you.

plzmybabies in reply to Celino

how are you doing?

I would try baby steps on one issue, to get a bit of motivation. Also a treat once you have achieved it. It gives you an incentive.

I can try. Hopefully I'll get back into things


First off, nothing you say is stupid. People experience Depression differently and there is nothing silly about your situation.

Lethargy is a difficult symptom to overcome but taking small steps can lead to a more active lifestyle very quickly.

I would like to propose that you spend more time playing with your kids. Go to parks with them and do kid stuff. The activity will be great for you and re-discovering being a kid will be great for you physically and mentally.

You mention that your kids do not want to move house; are you happy where you are currently staying?


plzmybabies in reply to Rick1on1

I am not happy but the kids are so I guess I have to deal with it for their happiness. I just need motivation and hopefully I can find something to do, I can't seem to get started. I keep telling myself tomorrow is a new day and I will start then but I don't. I need a kick in the $%&. May be that will allow me to get started. I'm going to try tomorrow and not lay back down once the kids go to school.

One of the best experiences for me as a Parent is feeling the absolute joy that children have when they are having fun. Try and look at the world through their eyes and see if that kicks you into action.

Are you a stay-at-home mom? If so, the situation changes slightly because there are several hours of the day that you are alone. Have you considered getting a part-time job or volunteering? This will be great for your self-esteem.

I am a stay at home mom, there is so much work that needs done here before I can even think about that. I guess I just need to get it done somehow, wish I was the type of person that did things with nervous energy but it tenses me and leaved me render less to it. I just want to get better and soon.

Plzmybabies, from this last post, sounds like things have gotten out of hand in your home and you are now overwhelmed and depressed about getting back on top of things??? Can you afford financially to hire a "maid" or cleaning service to come in and help you bring order to your home? Can be a one time thing. or on a regular basis of your choosing. You should also go see your GP for a check-up, you could be anemic ( lack of energy) or thyroid or several easy fix things. Having someone come in to help you kickstart getting your home in order will give you renewed energy!!!!! One step at a time 😘

plzmybabies in reply to Redhots7

I have done that before and I keep up for awhile then no one seems to keep that way it's like why bother. Kids hardly want to leave the house and I just stay in my room. Things are definitely out of control here and I just feel like I'm gonna lose it. I'm going to go away next week with the kids for 4 days, hopefully it will give me the time I need away from my husband and feel better.

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