Im so fed up with life but can't bring myself to kill myself

Hi im so fed up with life i keep thinking of killing myself but can't bring myself to do it iv got no go left in me im find it really hard to get up for work get homeand just say in can't find it in me to do anything but also find it driving me mad looking at the same four walls iv been like this for a few years but i find getting alot harder.

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  • hi Adam I know this feeling all to well . So I know where ur coming from its easy for folk to say snap out of it go for a pint think of somewhere nice to go. Have you been Drs yet ,

  • Hi marla iv been in all weekend and back to work again tomorrow yet again im so fed up with everything what's drs?

  • doctors. Have you thought of asking a work mate round for a curry night or what interests do you have . I like smelly new cut grass n just sitting out somewhere quiet. But I say that but don't do it cause unless I have to go out i don't

  • I take it you don't get out much do you work? I find it really hard to have a good conversation with many of them i got asked out Saturday but I could not bring myself to do it i used to have a few friends but they have all gone there only ways some had kids but I don't talk to any of them now not one

  • hi Adam no not if I can help it am very over weight now I do have a scooter paid alot for it but cause ive not used it the batteries have gone . N for 2 new ones its alot of money plus there isn't a sure from me if am going to use it . Don't get me wrong I do think of nice things but then BANG always something to get me down it could be the smallest thing but it will send me bk to the bottom again . Am so so tired of it . I have awful thoughts to . N have so many health issues from depression to COPD am on steroids every 2weeks so that's just making me bigger ive got no will in me no more if I want to do something nice there is always something to stop me and am not strong enough to fight it any more . Hope you have a good sleep . Another thing I can give advice and be caring but I can not take my own advice .

  • HI Adam. Admin here. I am not medically trained, but I have suffered with chronic depression for many years.

    Sometimes, I have found that if I make myself do something (like go for a walk, go to the supermarket even) I do start to feel better. It is awful when you feel stuck in a rut of just working then back home to stare at the same four walls.

    These are just some suggestions but how about joining a local football group, or joining a group where you can meet up with local people with the same interests as you (such as Volunteering also makes you feel better - helping someone else does great wonders for the soul, plus you get to meet other people.

    It isn't for everybody but I love horse riding. Getting out in to the fresh air on a hack is lovely. Plus horses are well known for calming people and offering unconditional love (this is why so many children with additional needs and behavioural problems are encouraged to ride).

    Just a few suggestions Adam, and of course you don't need to take any on board.

    Admin (Natalie)

  • Hi Adam

    What 1 thing can you think of that makes you feel safe and happy? However small it may seem...?

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