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Applying for jobs - scared!

So a little update, I have told my mum I think I am ready to see a GP again. Due to how bad the NHS is with mental health we have decided to try a private health service instead for a few sessions just to see how I feel. At the time of talking about this I felt relieved but this morning its soon gone back to being petrified of it! It just becomes much more real when discussing it with a professional, and the fact that I don't even like talking to strangers!

Anyway, my mum said she would like to see me complete my apprenticeship but I said it just wasn't an option, I'm incredibly unhappy, the hours are too difficult to cope with, and I've now got college on top of it all to deal with - it is simply too much. She then suggested that I get a part-time job so it is easier to cope with, and if I enjoy it I can always ask for an increase in hours, but as well as only having to deal with part time I may also look into volunteer work in animal-based work so I can get my foot in the door almost, as I do like the idea of working with animals. We made a plan for me to start applying to jobs now, but as I am scared it will take long and I will be stuck in my apprenticeship for longer we will rethink the plan if I still don't hear anything in 3 weeks.

I'm just really scared to start applying for jobs, the whole recruitment process makes me feel sick with worry, the idea of having to go for interviews, or the risk of not hearing anything. But I have to do it if I want out of this apprenticeship. Any advice on staying positive during job hunting? Last time I looked for work I applied for over 50 jobs and heard nothing, not even an interview.

My only other worry is I am 17. In the UK there is a law stating you have to remain in education until you are 18. I am 18 in only two months and I have contacted the national careers service who told me in a lowkey way that the council most probably wont even notice, I am just worried about getting caught out.. No fines have ever been issued for this, and if they do notice they ask why you dropped out of education and what your plans are but I don't know.. I'm just nervous.

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hi maisymay ,I have been in exzactly the same boat as you just resigned my job due to health reasons as it was making me really ill new job description that I couldn't cope with,and like you I'm having to wait till may for treatment,I would say keep positive and don't give up ,not sure the area your in but there's quite a few Tesco jobs advertised part time and Primark ,I know its really hard but your not alone lots of us are going through this,perhaps you could send your cv to some places.I'm always here if you ever want to chat ,did your college know the difficulties you were having?xxxxxxx


Yes my job has made me so incredibly low and unwell, I've always suffered with poor mental health but I've never felt this bad! I haven't left yet so my College and work still do not know how bad I am suffering or that I am even deciding to leave! Unfortunately all the Tesco jobs I have seen are asking for you to be over 18, which is a shame. I live in quite a remote area and there is literally nothing around that I can find. I have to keep looking though, there is no way I can stay there for much longer on top of the 4 weeks notice I have to give!

I hope you have smooth recovery and the best of luck, if you need someone to talk with I'm always looking to chat!xxx


hii again do you feel you could talk to your college assessor?I was this close to not finishing my apprenticeship and the only reason I did was because of my assessor who was absolutely great when i told her my issues,perhaps you need some time to get signed off sick and focus on getting better ,best of luck always here if you want to chat too thankyou xx

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In all honesty, i have never felt this low before. I have always been keen on food - i bow have to force myself to eat it as it just tastes of mush. I don't have effort to do anything anymore, not even hobbies, and i don't even care about hygiene to be honest. I really am unwell this time round, and i'm struggling to see an end to it. I think i need time, time to focus on me and me only. I don't think id be able to do that with college lingering over me, even if i did get time off sick id spend the entirety of it worrying about what i should be doing! I just feel pretty darn stuck right now xxx


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