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Just needed somewhere to get my thoughts down


Hi, I'm only on here because I don't think I have a proper space to get my thoughts and feelings down. I have never really discussed how I've felt when it gets bad.. Still being in full time education doesn't make it any easier really but I'm fine. I think I'm fine. I don't know what I need or why I've joined.. It got bad last night after a long time of being.. happy I think? The relapse just scared me slightly I guess. Hopefully reading posts, replies and advise in general on this will help me. That's about it.

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Hi Bananabread193

Welcome to our friendly, supportive & non-judgemental forum for depression!

Feel free to post as and when you need to, we will do our best to help you as much as we are able! It's good to have you with us!

With regard to your post, is there anything specific that you think that may have triggered you feeling down yesterday? You've said you've had good & bad times before, as you mention having a relapse, and there was obviously a reason that you looked for a depression site!?! Well you've come to the right place! Please feel free to use the site as your proper space! No one here is going to judge you for anything you say! Maybe you can start my telling us tell us what you have and are going through when you have bad times?!?

Warm Wishes. Take Care spykey🤗

Hello there bananabread193,

Can you please just clarify your age, many thanks.


17 :)

Thank very much:-)


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