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Tillymay is back

Hi everyone I've decided to come back and give this site another go, I'm feeling a little bit stronger than before, but of course I do still have my bad days when things go wrong, I've made a doctors appointment for the 31st of this month so I can get some meds to help with my anxiety, can anyone suggest some good meds that I'm not going to get addicted to and feel even worse, I have to be strong and fight this as I have two children,I've found colouring has helped me lately and if I wake in the night I read this helps sometimes to go back to sleep,my worse feeling is in the morning I can't breathe, it's such a horrible feeling and then I feel sick and knotted, but in the day I try not to think negative surely things can only get better! I've just read the woman from countryfile has come out and said she has been secretly battling depression Julia Bradbury I think more and more people will come out and say what a battle this illness is.

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Waving to you.

Your spot on. The more high profile people that come out about thier problems with mental health. The more acceptance and understanding will be floating about the ether. It's got to be a good thing.

Only by accepting where we are can we move forward a bit.

Re colouring it's a medatve process. Science has good evidence to support the benefits for all sorts of problems. Cross stitch is another as well as photography anything that slows us down and makes us focus.

It's all a matter of choosing where to look. A favourite saying if mine is.

2 men looked out through prison bars

One saw mud one saw stars.

I used it a lot when I was in hospital with one very sick chick.

Easier said than done. The trick is not to beat yourself up if you can't see the stars. They are there.


Carry on trucking and carry on looking.


Thank you so much nedd for you response it's a great help to know people are here and understand, I might try cross stitch or I might do a scrap book of photos of my kids,I do hope your well?


Hi Tilly

Welcome back.

Anti depressants work differently for everyone, so the same drug might be great for some and terrible for others. It is likely that if you do go down that road, that your doctor will prescribe a low dose of one of the SSRIs like Sertaline or Prozac. These usually have the least severe side effects of the various forms of anti depressant. A lot of time you build the dosage until it is 'right' and then maintain it. The first couple of weeks may be unpleasant and you should prepare yourself for this and unless the symptoms are sever, give the drugs time to get into your system. If you are going to take anti depressants you need to have a think about other drugs, especially alcohol. You can have a drink whilst on them but not always the best idea, not just for the time you are drinking but also for the hangover. I am on Sertraline, stayed off alcohol for 4 months and now rarely drink. Yesterday I had a few drinks with friends and felt okay, I have work up with a bit of a hangover but totally know I am feeling a bit grim due to that and not my depression, If you feel you are not at that stage, leave it. Also you will likely be on them for at least 6 months. There are other drugs for emergencies like benzos and Valium, but I have only used them twice in my life, once for extreme interview anxiety and once during my breakdown to get some sleep, highly addictive and best avoided.

One other thing about the anti depressant thing and something that I try and share. Do not second guess the drugs. By that I mean dont get into the whole 'I feel better but it is just the drugs' situation. If you improve they may or may not have helped. Take them when you should, avoid other drugs, lookout for major side effects (usually only in the first couple of weeks) and get on with your life.


Drugs are just part of the solution, the harder part is working out where the anxienty is coming from and doing something about it. So much out there, only always easy to access but trying a talking Therapy could be a good thing. There are online CBT resources like 'moodgym' may be suitable. There are breathing techniques, mindfulness and all sorts of others. None of this is easy, after my breakdown a few months ago I am doing a lot better, but it did take a fair bit of effort and when you are feeling very bad it is hard to see that you will be able to find the energy to put the effort in. You will be able to and it is up to you, BUT you do not need to do it on your own, a support network of some sort (friends, this forum, support group, GP, therapist etc) can make all the difference.

Happy to explore this further with you if you wish ,it is a horrible way to live but we all have to keep trying.

Sorry for rambling on

Thinking of you, Matt


Hi Matt I don't think you have rambled on I feel your full of great advice and your right it's finding out what the cause is of the anxiety I do believe mine is from worrying about finances and my dads health also I feel very alone and no one to talk to because I look after my dad he has lots of health issues but now I find at least half an hour to take a walk this does help getting fresh air, I'm also going to look at mood gym because this might help, I'm trying all different ways to fight this! And your right I will have to wait to see what drugs my doctor prescribe me thank you Matt for good advice


Welcome back Tillymay and I am delighted that you are staying with us.

You can get addicted to any meds and have to withdraw from them slowly. The good news is the newer ones they use these days are nothing like the older ones and are less addictive.

I take sertraline 150 mgs which suit me fine. Mind you I also had Prozac and mirtazapine first which didn't. It's often a case of trial and error.

Don't be put off by the side effects as most are minor and you would need to be very unlucky to get the nastier ones.

Beware though that they will take at least 4 weeks to get fully into your system and you can feel a bit worse until they do, but your doctor will explain that to you anyway.

Good luck and let us know how you get on. x

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Hi coughalot2 I hope your well I have been thinking about you, I'm now waiting to see my doctor on the 31st of this month but in the mean time I've been keeping busy also been having appointments with my dad for his sarcoidosis and filling in pip forms so I have been a bit stressed but I'm fighting it all the way, I won't let this beat me ha ha,I do hope you well keep in touch and thank you for your good advice, I'm very grateful x


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