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I read that Depression and anxiety is very common with people with Autoimmune disease due to the serotonin levels in the brain decreasing from over active white blood cells.i don't know about anyone else but for those with an autoimmune disease I feel so ill informed and have stumbled my way through learning from others who have done the same!! I'm very greatful for our NHS and all the doctors and nurses etc but somehow we need to better informed about how are ilness could affect our mental health. Some people are not well enough to do this for themselves!! Sorry folks I needed a moan !!! 😟

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You are so right. I think the NHS has a long way to go before it becomes adequate to the needs of people suffering from anxiety and depression. It doesnt seem to cater for the individual and bunches all together as one size fits all.

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You moan all you like Angep and I totally agree with you. I have an autoimmune disease called hidrandunitis suppourative which causes boils and abcesses. My depression came a long time before it though. I didn't know that over active white blood cells can cause it? Good post. x


Hi coughalot, I'm beginning to wonder if the depression was caused due to you having inflammation in your body for a long time before you showed any symptoms!! If that does decrease your serratonin then that would make sense!! Maybe I'm way off the mark but it seems inflammation is at the bottom of all or most diseases!! The condition you have my ex husband had too!! He had depression for many years before developing it!!! It's really painful I know. My husband had many operations to drain the abscesses!! It was awful to see. And So many people with autoimmune diseases which include skin diseases. I never realised till I was diagnosed with Crohn's how many people were affected and how many autoimmune diseases there are!! I'm going to the gastro clinic next Tuesday and I'm taking a list with me of questions I need answers too!!! YES I am going to be that patient my consultant dreads because I'm always going on and on about stuff!! Like I say I do appreciate them and the respiratory clinic I go too are second to none but it's fair to say in some departments the right hand really dosnt know what the left is doing!! That's been proven to me 100 per cent. I thank the lord for forums like this!! We are lucky people can support and advise each other!! Pretty much pick up what the NHS left off!!! Ooh I'm off again x


You are so right Angep


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