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When I lose hope and mess things up. Be patient with me, Be compassionate with me. To understand that on a few occasions I can't control my emotions because I'm tired of fighting them.

That is what I need.

I'm not like it everyday, some days are just harder then others and today was one of those days. Today I was at my weakest and lowest.

We all have those days, mine are just more intense. Imagine someone has died whom you were extremely close to. Thats what my bad days feel like.

On those days I just need a hug from the right person, but today there was no one to hug me.

If you think I'm crazy then your just ignorant. Is someone crazy because they lost control of a car on an icy road............ The answer is no. Unfortunately some of us lose control of things and one of them is emotions.

Have you never been so angry you lashed out at someone physically or verbally? Most people have .........that is a lose of control.

We are all only human in the end.

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  • Hi trigger, hope you are feeling a little more in control of those emotions, certainly lots of cyber hugs go out to you. Life can seem unbearable sometimes and we can easily find ourselves all alone when we feel all we just need is someone to understand.

    Our lives can all be about making mistakes, but its pointless beating ourselves up over them, all that we can do is try not to let our emotions become a habit, but learn techniques that change those reactions, eventually we act different and life becomes different

    Depression is very much like cancer, the reason there isn't currently a 'ONE' cure for cancer is because it is slightly different on a cellular level for every single person, just as depression is slightly different within our minds for everyone, but they are both diseases that left untreated will do an awful lot of damage that can destroy us.

    As much as you need a hug sometimes, also be that person inside that gives yourself a hug and understanding, not to just accept you as you are but know that with your own care and compassion you will find a way to change and it will eventually help you live a much happier life.

    The world is not a happy place, that does not mean we can't be happy in this crazy world, but it comes from within, which is why when things are supportive around us we sure don't always feel happy.

    Keep that fighting spirit, it might be a difficult battle, just don't loose faith that you have more control than it feels like you sometimes do. Xxxx

  • That made so much sense. Thank you x

  • You take good care of that lovely person that's sometimes hidden from view. Always remember that illness affects us, it does not define who we are, but even when it's you yourself that needs to do all the work in recovery, to do it you can always benefit from help and certainly by having people around you that understand and help, sadly if someone can't give you that support its sometimes better to avoid them, at least until your feeling a lot stronger xxx

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