Good tip to shift negative mindset

4. Smile Inside: To assist you in releasing inner

tension and shifting into a positive state, practice

inner smiling.

Put a subtle smile on your lips. Feel

appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity to relax

and feel positive in this moment.

Smile with nurturing

acceptance of whatever is happening inside.


that every cell is smiling.

Inner smiling instantly shifts your body and brain

chemistry and makes you feel positive and function


This creates a positive cellular

environment and grooves positive neural pathways in

your body and brain.

Inner smiling embodies an

accepting, non-judgmental attitude toward yourself and


It opens your heart and enables you to embrace

what is good in your life

4 Replies

  • Thank you jennyjolly,

    Really useful post, reminds me of Mindfulness, which I also find helps concentrate the mind.


  • Also good to visualise every cell filled with/radiating pure white healing light

  • I am all for thinking positive and using mantras, however, when the dark cloud looms over it is incredibly difficult to use coping stradegies. The cloud of darkness is indeed so powerful that nothing seems to permeate it .. One simply has to wait til it passes .. Awful illness we have .. These are good though to use when we are well

  • I studied Hypnotherapy and I cannot summon up the energy to use the techniques I have learnt .. Everything goes out if the window :( on my dark days