Will the urge to cut ever disappear completely?

Don't get me wrong, my mood is ok at the moment and has been for almost two months, i have also not cut in that time either.(i still get irritated pretty easily though, maybe thats just me in general)

However, when i start getting stressed that urge to cut just hits you like a brick,and it is difficult to keep my self occupied and my mind busy to keep me from doing it,so it has me thinking, will this always be the case.

How i feel now is not the same as how i felt when conatantly cutting, but the urge always comes back good mood ornormal mood.

I have still not braved going to the doctors in regards to the way my mood swings ba k and fourth, however should i fins my self in the same position as i was 2 months ago then obviously i can no longer avoid the fact that there maybe something wrong.

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  • Hi CJ2016

    I will message you somewhere to that offers support with your Self Harming thoughts but please see your Doctor regarding your mood swings.


  • Hey chloe, apperciate that, and yeah i have been told that a few times, but i keep burying my head in the stand(stupidly) but it takes a lot to get me going to the drs and stuff like that, but hopefully i will find the courage eventually.

  • Hi,

    I agree with Chloe that you should see your GP regardless of feeing a need to self harm or not, both mood swings and irritability can be symptoms of mental health condition.

    Look after yourself,


  • Apperciate the feedback and i have wrote a list down for when ive build up enough courage to go to the drs