Hi guys just a little query, ive had a cold fr the last 2 days, worse than ive had before, but this time something new, ive had reaaaaaaaaaly bad heartburn with it which ive never had with a cold before, yes ive had heartburn in the past now and again but thing n the scale of this, when it starts its enough to stp me in my tracks, any ideas guys

Thanks in advance

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  • It's not likely to be from the cold. Are you still drinking? It could be from the mixture of your tablets. The doctor can prescribe Lanzoprisole or try a Renee.


  • Yes alcohol likely to be an aggravating factor. Try to stop it and use antacids over the counter from the pharmacist first

  • Phil, This will probably be the worst answer you've ever received . I read over some of your other posts and you have a habit of exaggerating your feelings and symptoms. For example this cold is worse than any you've had before . You seem to attache to negativity and you need to be focusing on the positive.. Try rereading your old posts and see if you get any insight into your behavior, Some of our reactions are habit and we can change that. Feel better, Pam

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