Hi, I'm new here.

I've just moved to university, hours away from my boyfriend.

I cry myself to sleep every night, I can't find the motivation to get out of bed some days. I've distanced myself completely from my family.

I have self harmed and my boyfriend thinks I'm depresses, but I just think I'm readjusting to living away from him.

I don't know what to do to prove to him I'm okay.

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If you are self harming and isolating yourself from family you must be showing Stress and depression and you need to discuss your problem with your GP and explain your mood

If you are in any danger in the UK you can call NHS HELPLINE on Tel 111 and explain your concerns



There is also the samaritans who you can contact x


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Also a thought does your uni have trained counsellors or help there?

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Hi there,

I had the same experience when I moved from the north down south.

I cried all the time but you know what eventually I loved it and I never thought that was going to happen.

I got very used to spending time on my own and doing my own thing, which wasn't much but I did it!

Ive never been a typical uni type, never went out and got drunk and has the stereotypical fab time people seem to have at uni.

Unfortunately I was in horrible relationships which didn't help.

My last degree I had to go the doctors and they gave me anti depressants to get me through the course and it helped massively.

To prove to him you are okay you need to go to the doctors and get some help because right now, your not okay hun. Self harming is not okay.

A counsellor is also a good idea as above. Your uni should have one...mine did. I actually didn't find it helpful because my main problem was my psycho ex but it it definitely worth a try.

Not everyone has the best time at uni, but you can make the best of it by getting yourself back on track.

Message me if you need to talk.

Best wishes


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If you can't get out of bed for 😢 crying, have distanced yourself from your family, and are self-harming, I don't think you are ok, my dear. Please get some help. The others' suggestions seem like a great place to start. Keep us posted regarding your well-being. People read this all over the world, and we all become concerned 😳. I am in California. I don't know your health care system, but I care about you. Nesie 237


Did you go to the freshers day , have you joined the student union , are you in halls with others , what are you studying


Go to see the student liaison officer and tell him/her how you're feeling , there are lots of others at your uni already doing that but keeping quiet about it ,you must remember that whatever you discuss with him/her will go no further and they have the ability to point you or guide you to a better relationship with the campus and all of its amenities as well as checking you are okay there onwards

Trust me ,


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