I'm back :)

Hello :) I haven't bin on here for a few months I use to come one this site every few hours due to haveing panic attacks so many times a day :)! And it always helped reading all these forums got my mind always off what was happeneing. So my stomach has gotten not any better but am eating more then a pizza pop a day now :) I recently moved and I thought it was going to b a killer due to leaving all my doctors and friends behind :s but this time it wasn't bad get anxiety every here and there but nothing to crazy :) tonight I can't sleep my heart is slow and heavy slow breathing jus wanted to post on here to get it off my mind. I'm planning on to get a new doctor to hopefully help me find out about my stomach wish for the best <3


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4 Replies

  • Welcome back

    I moved away from my Health team and it has been quite upsetting sometimes although my quality of life has changed dramatically. I am more willing to try different things now and I have learned life can be worth living if we are willing to shake it till the pips squeak


  • I hope your new doctor helps you in the best possible way

  • Thank you very much :)!

  • Hi dylon, I've often wondered where you were!! I missed seeing you around but it's nice to know your reasonably ok. A good doctor is worth there weight in gold so I hope yours is really heavy!! Good luck dylon😀

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