blocked feelings and sometimes unhappy

hello everyone

first and formost i have to apologize myself for my horrible English. I hope you can at least understand it a little bit.

for some months or years i have the feeling that my emotions are blocked. i don't lack them completly, they are there but it's hard to cry, even when i am alone. i would love to cry sometimes because i think that would be a relief.

Some day's if feel unhappy without any reason whatsoever. that probably feels like a contradiction but its not. its not easy to explain. Some day( however not so many) i even feel like life isn't real. thats so fucking weird.

I also lack motivation to de things. A lot of the time i am very tired( in a litteral sence) even when i just slept more than enough. i dont know if those things are linked with each other but anyway.

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Sounds like you are overthinking. Best to just get on with living life to the full

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Sometimes when we are young we suffer problems that cause us to be distant.

In my case from about ten I was told not to show any emotion and this extended throughout my teens well into my adulthood.

Over the years from quite a young age I was bullied and my family expected me to look after relatives who were on their last legs. What with all the bashings and death I was dealing with my attitude towards life and death was cold, as was my feelings to those around me.

What I am trying to explain is this situation I suffer from has ruled my life.

Have you suffered something like this in your life that has made you distant.

Just a suggestion

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When I started to notice that depression was living in the background of my life it manifested a bit like you have described. I often feel like I have been dropped on this planet from somewhere far away. I look around and it all looks so strange.

Anyways what I wanted to say was mental health is just like physical health. if you get a cold, you don't just ignore it and pretend it's not there. if you don't take care of yourself it might turn into pneumonia.

Try to attend to the problems you are experiencing now while they are not debilitating. don't ignore the problem and pretend it's not there.

We all have mental health and we all get mental health problems so take care of your mental health when it suffers.

Good luck and all the best 🍀

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