Single mommy struggling with anxiety and panic attacks low moods then hi

Hi I have had anxiety for many years and panic attacks. But the last few months it's been really affecting my everyday life. I have had dizzyness which as affected me daily and after loads of tests I am starting to belive it's anxiety that's causing it. So on Friday I went to the children's centre and poured my heart out to the lady there. I later received an Unannounced visit from them and my house was a mess. They have told me they are going put a report into social services to get me extra support but I am scared they will say I am an unfit mum and take my 4 kids away. This is making my anxiety worse I went for help. I referred my self to the wellbeing team for some help and support but don't know what to do anymore.

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  • Hi,

    Are you UK or US based? Just so that the relevant people can offer advice. I have vestibular migraines-they make me dizzy, and can be triggered by caffeine. Could you try going caffeine free for 12 weeks to see how things are going?

    There is a difference between messy and dirty. They will be thinking about what is best for your children and yourself. If you haven't already sought medical advice, I think you should. I also think it'd be worth speaking to the team again, and explaining your anxiety; they might be able to put your mind at ease.



  • Being single with four kids , no one in their right mind would expect your home to be perfect! Of course it'll be messy,don't worry about social services if your kids are clean fed and clothed and happy! Thats the only thing they would be bothered about ! My home as a child was always a mess yet my Mum was forever cleaning after us kids ! I have no real memories of my childhood only what I have been told by my brother and sisters! and from what Mum told me after my accident, sadly lost Mum last year so won't be able to learn any more about my past ! Be happy keep the kids happy as clean and fed as you can and No one would ever be able to take them from you! I admire any single parent male or female who can look after one child never mind four!!!

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