Not a good day at all

Coudnt drag myself out of bed until .12.30 ,I feel so annoyed ,Then when I went downdstairs I told my Husband I cant go to town with you today as I feel awful. Sweating like a pig and my feet were freezing despite having two pairs of socks on .Ihave been doing some research on the laptop about CBT ,Some say its helped ,some say its a waste of money , Maybe I shoudnt read so many forums its really confusing me ,I hope that I will sleep tonight


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  • I found CBT helped me with my depression. Still have really bad down days but i can now cope with them better hope this helps. X

  • Can I say things can only get better if you believe they can, ( I believed in me even when everything seemed hopeless ) and you have to push past all the things you do not want to do and get out, even better when your not alone because we over think things in our own mind when on our own, put everything into perspective and what works for some will not work for others and if you have given it time to work and you still feel as bad then ask your doctor for something different, he knows better than anyone else and tell him everything, not hiding anything because every little thing is important to proscribe the best thing for you

  • CBT is different for everyone, I personally sometimes came out of it exhausted but it does help unload some things and it would maybe help you to look at the negativity in your life from a different angle. It's worth a try, and if you think this isn't for me at least you tried. I hope whatever you choose it's the right decision for you.

    Take care.

  • I think the general consensus about CBT is that it works well for lots of people, but doesn't work for everybody (which could probably be said about many of the different approaches to treatment). So none of us know if it's going to help us, unless we give it a try.

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