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Propranolol and Fluoxetine


I had my dose of Fluoxetine doubled from 20mg to 40mg around 6 weeks ago. I feel it helped depressive symptoms, but my social anxiety has got a lot worse than it ever was... I even wake up every morning shaky, sick and panicky for no apparent reason (although the very worst is when I have to engage in a social situation).

Went back to the doctors today and she suggested giving me 10mg of Propranolol to take 3x daily on top of my 40mg of Fluoxetine. Does anyone else here take Propranalol every day for social anxiety and does it help? Also does anyone take both these medications as a combination?

If this doesn't work then the next step will be to come off of Fluoxetine and change my medication completely. I really want something to help with my social anxiety as it stops me from being able to work or meet new people and I just become isolated (which I the feel leads to the symptoms of depression.) if anyone has any miracle medications for this that has really worked well for them and could tell me about it, I would really appreciate it!!

I have also already been referred to CBT but am on the waiting list.

Thanks, Jemma x

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I do take different medications that act in conjunction with my AD, although not the medications you are on.

Your GP seems to be referring you for CBT, if that is the case you will be given advice on techniques that will help you Socialise and Relax. How long have you waiting for your CPN ?



Jemmy123 Hi, I take propananol and it helps reduce the palpitations and stops the shakes when anxiety attacks

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You can do cbt on the computer through mind gym. It's free. Propranolol has a calming effect and slows the heart.

Social anxiety was a term introduced by a drug company marketing an antidepressant, but it's not really a separate illness.

Sertraline is more anti anxiety than fluoxetine. Changing is another option if you don't get on with propranolol.


Hi Gemma,

I have suffered from anxiety for a long time though I have learned to manage it really well. I have been prescribed all the same things as you and I only ever tried the Propranolol 20mg when necessary.

CBT has been unbelievably helpful for my thinking process. It has eased my anxiety so much and I am so grateful for it. I have now binned Propranolol and will never ever take them again.

Yoga and healthy eating are really beneficial too.

Hope this helps. X

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