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I don't know what to do and i'm scared!

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I've been to the doctor's and all they say is to see a counsellor, but i have seen counsellors and it only works temporarily. I'm not diagnosed with depression, but i've done research and it seems to be the only possible reason i'm like this. I've found ways of temporarily stopping it all, but it's not permanent and i know these ways can't be the only ways, i just can't find any others. My fiancè is very supportive and when i'm with her it's fine, but of course, i can't be with her ALL the time. I've been this way for about 11 years now and it only seems to get worse...i don't know what to do anymore, so i'm sharing this with all of you so you may give me some advice.

I'm scared and these voices and things are getting out of hand. Please help.

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Hello Dregar . I am the same as you, but I decided I had to see the doctor, as I could not function anymore. Luckily my doctor is brilliant. I would suggest seeing your doctor again, and telling them that you are desperate and hearing voices. You must tell them you are not coping. To cut a long story short, I am on meds to help with my depression, and have seen a mental health nurse to assess me, and my needs. I think the key is too keep talking about how you feel, or write it down. When you need the help, you must ask for it. It's not easy, but you have to try. Take your fiancé with you for support.

If you need to talk, you can PM me anytime. I am GMT zone.

Best wishes.

Tracy X

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Hi Dregar. Are you saying that you're actually hearing voices? If that's the case you NEED to be seen by a psychiatrist. Not A GP. A psychiatrist who will assess you and put you on a meds regime. You also state that you feel you have depression. That's why it is important to see a psychiatrist who can treat your condition (s).

I also think it would be wise to continue seeing a psychologist. You should have been given skills/tools that you need to do every day so that you can manage your condition. But first, please do get a diagnosis from a psychiatrist.


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When you say you're scared and things are getting out of hand, do you mean you are suicidal?

I agree that it sounds like you should see a psychiatrist and if your GP is reluctant to refer then consider a private appointment.

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Thank you everyone, i will try my hardest to do everything you've all recommended. And i'll update you once i have.

And yes, at times i'm suicidal, and i really cannot cope with everything, but i try doing things to take my mind off life if i can. It's not the best, but it works temporarily (which is definately better than never)

Thank you all so, so much.

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Lizbett in reply to Dregar

Dregar, whatever problems you have that are overwheming you, write them down. Once you've done that, look at each issue objectively and see what solutions are available to you. I would suggest you do this with someone you trust who can help you see things objectively.

Yes, please do keep us updated.


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Im sorry ur suffering, I too have bad nerves and im scared all the time. Im on a low and life just not the same for me, im lost scared and no one to help me. I stay in bed more now and ready to end all. Life is hard for me, I just want to die.

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Dregar in reply to darkeyegirl68

I can relate, and i could tell you that you shouldn't die, and i could try to convince you all i can to stay alive. However, from experience i know it doesn't last forever. I know the temporary happy feeling that someone (even someone you don't know, but can relate to your situation) cares...but it never lasts. So i won't bother trying to convince you, instead...i'm just gonna tell you that no matter what happens, everyone on this site can relate to one another, and i want you to know that we can do this together, because a singular person cannot move a city in a day, but a community can! I'm trying to get help and i know everyone else is or already has done, but knowing that we all know how it feels means we can surely beat this. I believe in everybody, because if you don't believe...well, how are you going to get better if you don't believe you can. Sorry for rambling 😅. I hope i helped and i wish you, and everybody in this community, a better future and a healthy life

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Thank you

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