Ok, so this whole on-line concept of forums/communities is a new one on me!

I have been suffering with depression for quite some years now, in fact probably since I was a child. I'm now 42. Back then, it was just put down to being a moody child/teenager.

It took a long time for me to pluck up the courage to seek help from anywhere, and yet despite me reaching out, I still don't feel any further forward.

I have tried many medications, CBT, counselling, yet this cloud of darkness never seems to leave me. And in the grand scheme of things I have no right to feel the way I do There are so many others worse off than myself.

I have reached a point, that painting a smile on each and every day is getting harder and harder. I have all but given up.

Hoping that talking on here may help, watch this space i guess.


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2 Replies

  • Hey All, Glad you found us. Don't be bothered by techno garble, we're just friends having a cuppa. We have similar problems and we support each other, share information and the like.You obviously see a Doctor, was your counselling one on one, have you been on your meds long? I'm asking because it can take some time for these methods to work and maybe you haven't found the right one.

    I know about that painted smile and I am sick of it too. If someone examined my life from the outside they would think what a lucky woman and what in the world is her problem, but from the inside out it's a pile of crap. Maybe all of us together can figure this out , or at least make it easier. Pam

  • Hi Newbie, do you mind me asking a little about your depression?. Are your symptoms permanent or do they come and go. Do you have triggers that make things worse?.

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