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I feel humiliated and really even more depressed after I came back from the psychiatric, it was my first visit, and I was told by the receptionist if I don't feel comfortable I can ask to see the Dr alone instead of 4 more students, and I did ask the dr the min I walk in, but the Dr replied was is OK, they are all doctor, and I try to tell my problems with 5 to 6 ppl looking at me, but I still feel very uncomfortable, so i stop and keep quiet, and the Dr ask his student to ask me question, I feel bad and rude if I don't answer, and now I think i feel like a criminal being question like that and the question the Dr ask me, is why I'm there and how can he help, is that how a pyschiatric treat his patent and I pay 140 buck to get humiliated and: to feel worse? this is my first time in my life even i have grief and sorrow issue, i never felt so sad, they do this because I'm a transgender or I'm an asian, I wish I can just close my eyes and be gone forever, I feel ashamed of myself sharing my mental problem with so many ppl, I hope I can hide for ever from everyone,

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DON'T FEEL ASHAMED. There is NO need. You had a number of trainees in the room with you and that is all. So please ease your mind. I have also had a trainee or two in the room with me. They didn't ask questions but sat quietly and observed. It is stanadard practice.

What is NOT standard practice is the fact that the trainees stayed in the roomm after you said or indicated that you weren't comfortable with that. The psychiatrist is at FAULT and NOT YOU.

If you're comfortable with him and him alone, then go back and see him with NO trainees in the room. Alternatively, see someone else. YOUR needs come first and that stupid psyc you saw didn't acknowledge this. He needs a boot up the clacker as far as I'm concerned 😠

Please relax. That situation wad totally unnecessary but the reflection is on him and not on you.

Wishing you a peaceful mind and heart.



You have nothing to be ashamed of. I would not want students to watch me pour my heart out. It is difficult enough to talk to one doctor. You are paying and you should get the service you want. Next time politely tell the doctor that you are not his Guinea pig, and you want a private consultant, stand your ground.


Its uncomfortable sharing a problem with many people but it make u no lesser you shouldn't feel humiliated ...step on that shame and move on ..don't stop seen your doctor please its so soon .good luck



I'm so sorry you feel this way.

It was very hard for you I know.

It is wrong to ask you in front of them and put you in that situation.

Please write to him and explain how you feel, as you've written here. Hopefully he will understand and ask you back to see him, without the students.

Don't forget though that theses student Drs are trying to understand how to treat people when they have to. You may have really helped them and someone in the fyture like you may have a really good dr because of you.

Don't feel ashamed as the world is more enlightened about people's sexuality and in the uk it's accepted as normal. I know your Asian and your feelings might be down to your culture, but please continue to get the help you need.

We all have to open up and reveal our deepest darkest thoughts and don't forget that your dr has probably heard worse. There are some sick people out there like killers etc, so he's probably heard terrible things. Yours will not be anything to shock him. Open up and get the weight lifted from your shoulders, it will help.

Good luck and take care.

My best wishes.

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I like to say thank you to everyone who response, and gave me support and advice. thanks appreciated

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Please you have nothing to feel ashamed about , it's he who should but won't feel shame . I'm so sorry you had to go through this . I think maybe could you drop him a line saying how it made you feel and could you see him or someone else alone next time . Tell him exactly like you told us , it's about time someone told these people that what's normal for them is distressing for others . If u can't do it alone get an advocate who can speak for you . X😇

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