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I suspect I have depression and some form of anxiety. I taken an NHS questionnaire for depression several times and my scores have ranged from severe to moderate. I would like to be consulted and diagnosed since a simple question and answer test obviously isn't a definite diagnosis. I've felt like this for several years and I know I have to tell someone and start a treatment before it gets worse. However, I don't know who to go to.

My parents would dismiss it as "hormones" and or me having a "need to label myself" so they would do nothing. My guidance teacher would immediately tell my parents whether I would want her to or not and I'm quite sure they have to consent to treatment - which they wouldn't - so that option is fruitless. My close friends can't do anything about it and my school doesn't have an on-campus psychologist, and to tell him, I would have to tell my guidance teacher, who schedules his meetings.

Basically, I'm f***d.

Any suggestions?

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Sorry I don't have any advice to give. But whenever I tell someone that I may have depression, they tell me to stop thinking negative thoughts, to appreciate what I have in my life, and stop acting like that. They clearly don't understand.

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The amount of times I've heard the "appreciate what you have" and the "just stop being sad!" mantras makes me want to bash my head against a wall. They most definitely do not understand.


Hi how old are you? If you are in the UK you have the right to confidentiality aged 16. Any younger and your parents would have to be told. x


Wow, really? I'm sixteen in about a week, thank god. I had no idea about this. That's actually quite brilliant! Thank you so much!


You are very welcome. I have had to report your post to our admin Chloe coz you are not 16 for another week and are technically underage for this site. However we had someone a while ago who was a month or so off 16 and they were allowed to stay but under the watchful eye of the admin until they reached the required age. Ok?


Hi I have just checked your bio and I see you are 16. I had to ask that question because the minimum age you are allowed on here is 16. We do get a number of youngsters under that age and they are not allowed on here.

Now at 16 you are treated as an adult in many ways. You are entitled to full confidentiality whether you see your teacher at school or your doctor. They are not allowed to break your confidences. If they do they are breaking the law.

Why don't you see your doctor and tell him/her how you are feeling? Ok I know it's not easy but it is the only way you can access professional help and access to counselling which I think could help you. x


I'm going to tell both my guidance teacher and my doctor as soon as possible now that I know. This really has helped. I didn't expect to get any solutions so quickly. I know it seems a little daft that I didn't know about this but I can't think of any way I could have found out. Thank you so much, truly. x


Hi I presume you are in the UK? You can check it out yourself online if you google it. x


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