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Hi guys. I'm on Middle Rate PIP and ESA. I've been placed on the WRAG group, which is none sense. I gave the Nurse during my medical, a letter from my Psychologist, which says that I'm not stable, and advices against any work at the moment.

It would seem as though they have totally disregarded this letter.

I'm wanting them to Mandatory Reconsider this decision.

Please advise

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I'd like to help you but I don't know what all these letters stand for.


DS - ESA - Employment and Support Allowance. This is the benefit for those who are too sick to work or work full time. It replaced the old Incapacity Benefit years ago now. There are 2 aspects and you are put either in the work group - WRAG which stands for work related activity group where you are deemed to be able to work some hours but not full time. Or the Support group where you can work if you want to but don't have to look for work or have interviews at the Jobcentre.

WRAG for new claimants means you only get the same as on Job Seekers Allowance, or the support group where you get around £50 more a week.

PIP stands for Personal Independence Payment which replaced DLA - Disability Living Allowance. Ok? x


Hi you need to appeal this decision, have you done this yet? One of my sisters has severe osteoarthritis and was put in the WRAG group at first. She went to tribunal and they changed it to the support group. When she went to the Jobcentre they took one look at her and said no way could she work, so she didn't have to go any more or look for work. The problem with mental health is it isn't visible the same way as a physical illness.

After 18 months she had to go for reassessment, and again they put her in the WRAG group, however the DWP overturned this decision and put her back in the support group. No one can tell you how this will go but good luck for it anyway.

Let us know how you get on. x


For myself I find that work is helpful for my depression and suicidal thinking. It acts as a distraction and keeps me busy, gives me structure.

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