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Not sure what to do long story

Hi all,

This is probably going to sound like one odd story but let me inform you that none of it is made up or over exaggerated. Let me start from the beginning before the issues started which funny enough involved a pip form so I'm going back about two months ago.

I had received my pip form to fill in and I had asked my doctor to double check it to make sure that I didn't miss anything important when I get my pip form back from the doctor there was a note inside telling me I needed to add something to the form now the way it was presented on the note came across like the doctor was hinting about something to help me out with a problem ( I will explain more later) so I finished my forms and sent them in. I can't get what the doctor had put in the note a week has passed the more I read it the more it seems like he is hinting about something like a dog benefiting me but I can't qualify for an aid dog I don't have enough epileptic fits but I've heard that you can transfer a pet into an aid dog so I research it i also look up about if you have a no pets rule and find out that yes a pet dog can be used as an aid dog and no pets rule can be wavered by a letter /cert from the doctor so I start working on the letter I've done 10 drafts just can't get it right i call someone who can help she can't come out till July that's next week ok I will go and have another look at the puppies for sale probably take six months before I can afford one, the weekend comes around and with it July I'm bored so I look on the puppies for sale site and wow I can't believe it i finally find a puppy local and cheap so I message and even bigger wow the price gets dropped and a delivery offer I talk to my family as the letter hasn't gone in yet but I have the cheapest puppy of the breed I'm after right in my lap in the whole of the UK my family agree to take the risk we buy the puppy that's going to be my aid dog the next day we get her and the day after we have our appointment and the lady we seen said to me as the pet cat was allowed in a no pet property the landlord has already wavered the no pets rule she then reads my letter and said to me i think your letter is fine but if you like i can tweak it for you and send it to you to send to the doctor but personally I can't see you having any problems getting the certificate to prove that the dog is medical. We get the letter from her to send to the doctor the middle of July and we waited all the time I'm training the puppy end of July and I see who I think is my landlord (I haven't seen him in a long time so hard to recognise) and he is in his vehicle the horn is babed to get my attention and he smiled and waved I feel uncomfortable but glad the dog is with me i go home and tell my family but I'm also thinking why would our landlord do something like that and try to put it out of my mind. My puppy gets her jabs and microchip so can now walk on the lead it's been about a week maybe abit over but I see my landlord in his work van this time and I'm waiting with the dog to cross the road and he nasty points his fingers at me again i feel really uncomfortable and glad to have the dog (due to my epilepsy meds I'm a known suicidal but it only comes on when I feel really low so it proves that the dog is an aid dog as she helped me to feel safer and not to feel like that) again i tell my family and try to put it out of my mind but it isn't easy. This week we get the letter /cert from the doctor at least took long enough we are now in August all i need to do is post it have to do that Monday so I can get stamps yesterday my husband comes with me for the morning dog walk as my back is really bad my spine damage is playing up when we get back there's a letter from the landlord and 90% of it is false he claimed that we didn't get permission for our pet cat but we moved in with the cat and I asked before viewing or accepting, my trust officer has seen, heard and read everything and he remembered that we moved in with the cat he is going to write a letter to the landlord for us but my trust officer don't know about the issue on the street now what I want to know is this was my landlord I have no proof he done it but do I have a leg to stand on with him intimidating me like he did considering that I suffer from all the following conditions :- Epilepsy, Asthma, Spine Damage, Cancer ( weight problems, suicidal thoughts and tendency, had a lung operation less than a year ago).

Any thoughts or advice?

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My opinion is that you should have kept your landlord informed of what was going on from the start. If you needed and wanted a dog and your landlord has a no pets rule then you have gone about this in a way that was almost certainly going to antagonise him and make it less likely he will waive the rule.

If your landlord acted as you say then it was hardly intimidation, and might not have been his intention at all. Forget it,you can't prove it and you may have misinterpreted his actions.

My advice is that you see your landlord and explain the situation, better late than never. If he insists upon the no pets rule ,which I believe he has every right to do, then you have only yourself to blame and you shoulkd learn from the experience. I have little sympathy with aggressive unfair landlords but they do have rights too, and no one is forcing you to take up a tenancy with any particular landlord.

I am sorry you suffer from all those conditions but unless you wear a sign informing the world your landlord is probably unaware of them and in any case,regardless of what you have he still has the right to draw up conditions of tenancy.



Your advice is spot on Olderal

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I think maybe the best thing to do is go to the CAB and ask their advice, I think you can have a verbal contract, agreement?

Hopefully if you write to him and remind him of the agreement and explain why you need the dog and of all your illnesses,mwe will be a decent human and allow it!

Good luck and best wishes.

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Just try to be strong an next time he does do anything like that try to get proof an tell ur trust officer see if u can get any help with the problem u are having with him.

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Friday I had an appointment with centre peace (there sorta like cab and alot more there for disabled people and venerable people) I needed help finishing the housing forms I got the week before as I've been told for years my home is unfit for me so I took both letters with me and explained everything to the adviser she told me the landlord was wrong but the letters only help my case all i have left to do is get the proof she told me to get to support my forms and send it in.


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