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I follow this chap on Instagram and thought what he had to say was very interesting, hope some of you agree.. :)

From Instagram user @doctors_kitchen


In light of mental health awareness week I wanted to bring attention to the plethora of studies that link diet and mental health disease.

Factors such as low grade inflammation and endothelial dysfunction are related to higher rates of depression. Calorie rich and nutrient deficient diets are risk factors for anxiety. Low omega 3 levels are associated with a greater incidence of PTSD and suicide.

We CAN eat to mitigate these problems that we share as a society .. and we WILL.

I'm planning on teaming up with a fantastic psychiatrist and close friend of mine @merkle_ to write an article on my blog raising awareness of this issue.

I also want to bring light to alternative ways in which we can tackle this problem using diets rich in healthy fats, low in sugars and ingredients that could boost serotonin. As well as mindfulness and tips of where to turn if you find yourself in a downward spiral.

@madeinhackney do some great work in the community teaching mental health sufferers the importance of nutrition and I'm looking forward to helping them out some more when I get back

Check out the blog for more articles, videos and recipes. I'm also snapchatting in NYC doctors_kitchen

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