Why do I feel this way? Should I see my GP

Any guidance would be appreciated. For a few months now I've went for a bubbly confident young lady with a good social life too ... A girl that barley socialises and when I do I begin to feel sick and panicked and have to go home. I've also had very little trust in people and am very paranoid I either sleep constantly or don't sleep at all I constantly think I'm better not here I feel like am in some black whole I'm unable to escape and no one understands. I feel so down and can't seem to pull my self together no matter how hard I'm trying I have sucidal thoughts often and have attempted harming my self. I feel like I'm a burden on everyone I've never been so sad in all my life I'm normally so happy and cheering everyone else up but now it's just a fake smile hiding away from the world with no help I can't control my emotion and can't see to get the voices out of my head. It's really taking its tole on my relationship and I can't explain because it's to hard and they wouldn't understand. 

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  • Hi it sounds like you could have depression.   Thinking of suicide is a red flag that you should seek immediate treatment from a doctor.   Please make an appointment and get help.  Don't worry about seeing your doctor as they deal with a lot of mental health problems in their work.  Meds and/or counselling should be able to help you.  x

  • Thank you I'll be going to see my doctor tomorrow. I am just embarrassed and don't know where I'd start how do I tell them. 

  • Coughalot2 has given sound advice.

    Please seek medical help ASAP. I myself have depression and get grey/black episodes so I do know how you feel. Please be assured you are not alone. I too am on medication and have had counselling in the past it does help.

    Hope you get some comfort from your replies and hope you find yourself on the up very soon. Xx

  • Thank you as I have realised am not alone and going insane. I will certainly be seeking medical attention. X

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