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Always feel drained tired anxious and no motivation.

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every day when I wake up I feel like something terrible is going to happen in the day I have no motivation and just try to get through the day quickly as possible. Often I do this by sleeping in or going for a short walk if its possible. I cant wait for night time to come and to just go bed and be asleep.. Up until then I have anxiety, feel down, ofen like my mind is just not there and I have no 'mental' energy.

has anyone else had this.. How can I help myself or more to the point do I need to seek help? I work every day and have issues getting up.. Its like i have to struggle through the day and i feel no one will understand if i try explain my situation or they'll just saying "I'm not right in the head" etc

cheers, Nathan

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also I only found out about anxiety and wjat it really feels like when I read and article someone wrote about there experience and I then realised That I experience Tha fail.. Whch seems to make it worse.. I can be driving hilome and have an axiety attack although its only mild

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apologies.. "I experience the same" *

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i would also like to add for those who may feel the same.. Anither way to describe which may sound silly is i feel like dissapearing... Moving into an underground bunker or something to escape something that is completely unkown.

Have you seen the doctor at all?  If not you can get a formal diagnoses and treatment which should help.   Depression is a strange illness where you have to do something which gives you momentum rather than the other way round.   Not easy to do. 

Feeling that something terrible is going to happen is very common with anxiety/depression,  but ask yourself what is the worst thing that could happen?  Then ask yourself what you would do to cope with it.   That gives you a feeling of control  x

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Hi Nathan, Please do follow Cough's advice... because no better could be given... Just don't put it off -- or make up excuses...ok?? OK! :) You need and deserve some kind of help. I can really relate to the 'no motivation' thingy... oh my... Anxiety wears you out... so its no wonder you feel that way. Just please hang in there. I have a strong feeling "Help" is around the corner for you! Just take that advice Coughalot gave you!! Take care now!~! Hope you have some kind of fun this weekend!

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They are classic symptoms and you need to have a chat with your gp they can offer counselling or medication if necessary for a short time but what your feeling is common .

Well done for getting to work every day though because although you say your not motivated it takes a LOT of motivation to make your self do that. x

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2 years later lots of up and downs, its only ever a temporary situation just with am unknown solution!

keep busy!

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I felt like this for a long time, but after my divorce I started going to the gym mainly in the hope of making friends. I found the exercise made me feel less tired, not more. When I lost weight I found doing everything easier, and I woke up feeling happier. Now I am not saying this is easy, and my circumstances back then were perfect as I had no-one else to think of, the money to go to the gym, and the time, but it is an idea for you to consider.

Since I moved back home to help my parents and lost my gym membership I feel back to the old me, tired, listless, depressed. I know it is not all about exercise but I bet a lot of it is down to not having a place to go and workout, not having that support I was used to, and not having the same me time I had back then.

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