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Please help if you can any ideas?

Hello can i please ask does anyone know of an antidepressant that i can take that doesnt contain any lactose or sugar alcohols in them or ascorbic acid but helps people that have IBS-D ??

Im very depressed at the moment everyones taking the mick out of me saying I smell and its really pissing me off so i went to my doctors and have tried so many different medications and nothing has helped im just always so miserable and feeling suicidal atm I cant take it anymore. Im told its stress related IBS I changed my job for a much better job and moved house but im still sufferering most people look at me in disgust i wish i was dead.

I get the piss taken out of me at work where everyone knows i have IBS i just cant take it anymore.  Ive tried amitryptiline, veneflaxine well effexor, and then fluoexetine lasted a day and other ssris but they cause more more diarreah as there for people with ibs c


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It may not be anything but this is a link to a list of symptoms of B12 deficiency - which includes IBS, diarrhoea and depression/anxiety.  Some people also experience problems with changes in body odder when their levels are low


SSRIs can make things worse as they use up folate which the body needs in order to process B12 - and the other ADs can also affect B12 absorption.

A deficiency usually occurs because of an absorption problem - though diet is a possibility if you have no/little meat/fish/dairy in your diet.

If you think it is a possibility then I'd suggest a) completing the checklist and b) drawing your GPs attention to the following page on the PAS website as getting a B12 deficiency diagnosed can be quite difficult.  


The usual test - serum B12 can't be interpreted in isolation from symptoms but many GPS aren't aware either of the range of symptoms or the fact that the result isn't conclusive

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Thank u Gambit funny you should say that i just had my vitamin D levels checked and im severely deficient so i went and got tablets but ive had them prescribed to me twice now and they screwed me up first it was xyilitol and second it was because of glycerol so ive gota go back but i didnt ask about my vitamin b12 levels so i will do next time thanks for that, i didnt know what you told me so will check it out thank u sam x


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