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I just wanted some advice on gentle but effective exercise that I could do such as aerobic and simple weight training. I have a wobble board, an exercise tube, wrist and ankle weight cuffs and an ab wheel. I do walk to and from uni each day but I have asthma, am overweight, my legs ache very badly and I have a mild underactive thyroid as well as depression, Borderline personality disorder and am low in iron and vitamin D.

I am going to make an appointment with my doctor for next week but I just wanted guidance on some basic gentle exercises I could do each day.

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  • Hi there , having read your Post , I noticed you say that you are overweight, but if you already walk to Uni, then that is excercise, so it's obvious then that you will

    Have to lose weight by diet, excercise is great but if you still eat the wrong food or

    Too much food, then no amount of excercise will help.

    Talk it all over with your GP and see hiw much weight you need to lose and make a plan to eat less and move a bit more. There is a great Weight Loss support group on Health Unlockec , you would like to join that. You could get lots of encouragement and support from

    Others who want to lose weight. So maybe it's your diet you need to be looking

    At, rather than excercise. Good luck and be guided by your GP as being overweight

    At this young age won't help asthma or anything else either.


  • Hi thank you, I do take care of what I eat but was told that slow walking to uni is not enough exercise to lose weight

  • ...I do genuinely believe the saying "you can't out-exercise a bad diet" - haaha... BUT sure, if you feel you need to increase your movements more, then something aerobic sounds like a good idea...though think (if poss) aim for cycling or can be as gentle or as hard as you like! / swimming in particular has the benefit of being low-impact...! Even as a student/on a limited budget and weather or weather-proofs(!) permitting, you only really need to get out there to do it... (ish,. ie: second-hand / cheap bikes are out there, via Freecycle etc etc...and no idea how much it costs to go swimming these days, but sure you have a local council-run pool...most towns have them...) anyhoo agree with the other advice about joining in any kinda club or support group, be it here, or via any other/local group type means. Personally (for healthy food inspiration) I use Instagram a lot...and believe there is a huge community for fitness as well - ( but word of warning - pick and choose (follow/unfollow) carefully / to get past some of the inconsiderate bastards on there! ...but I just noticed a girl I follow for food-inspo, posting a pic of her improved physique - after a year of both healthy eating and lots of cycling - ((ie. slow and steady!)) anyhoo... Enjoy!


  • Thank you

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