Having thought that I was kicking my depression into touch by going to the gym and losing nearly 5 stone in weight in 18 months and here I am off work again. Anxiety has kicked in well and truly. It has been a tough year at work, short staffed since Easter due to illnesses and here am I adding to it. I have struggled for the last few months and last week it really hit me as to how awful I was feeling and I started taking panic attacks. My GP has been super and very understanding can't praise her enough. She told me not to hide away at home but to go out as much as I can. I have to continue going to the gym as well. I have an amazing PT and a fantastic buddy and very good friend at the gym. Going tonight for a session so hopefully that will help.


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  • Hi Sheila well done for losing so much weight. I wish I had your willpower. It's a bummer being off work again due to anxiety but you are doing all the right things. All power to your elbow. x

  • How are you doing Sheila? I hope you are ok. x

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