Feeling hopeless

Having a very bad year. Lost my beloved daddy 6 months ago. Was suicidal but I got a little better so I decided to organise a new kitchen and a new puppy. The depression came back and now I am overwhelmed with anxiety and so frightened. The kitchen will take 5 days and he is starting on Monday - I am freaking out with terror. I have never felt as bad in my life. I truly want to die as there is no pleasure in my life. I struggle on daily but I never get a break. Can you truly break down and go mad or die?

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  • Wouldn't we all NSA? You are not going to change your family I'm afraid and I know from personal experience how futile it is to attempt it. My family are very similar so I know exactly what you are talking about. Have you told them how you feel? Do you think you are too needy and taking more than giving? Don't forget everyone has problems.

    To get away from my family I moved to London at 18 for 20 years and only saw the family twice a year and that was plenty. You need to stop looking for approval or other things from your family. Focus on your life with your bf and friends. They will give you all the approval and love you need. Cut the apron strings. I know this is not easy but you do need to do it for the sake of your sanity.

    Have you been to your doctor for your depression? If not you need to go as meds and/ counselling should be able to help you. Maybe bereavement counselling?

    I lost my dad 7 years ago and trust me it does get better. Take care. x

  • Hi Helen,

    I'm new here, and not really sure what to say, so I thought I'd reply just by telling you that no matter what stresses and problems you're having, you'll always have people that will want to help. I get it's hard finding them; I'm having the same problem. But for me, it gives me a reason to keep going, to keep searching. You're not alone in this, things can, and do get better. Don't give up hope :)

    Wish you the best of luck with the new kitchen! How's the puppy?


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