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I have been to the doctors within the past 3 month about possible depression and I never really got a full response to what it could be. I have had many blood tests which therefore rules out anaemia and iron defiencies etc. over the past three months I feel worse than ever and have been like this for coming up 3 years. I'm oversleeping massively, I'm constantly mentally and physically drained, I'm aching all over, I feel empty, very down and avoid many social situations, I also get chest pains 4-5 times daily, I find myself feeling ill with flu like symptoms all the time such as a bad head, sore throat, aching etc. I also really struggle with every day life. What could this be? I think my caring nature and push over type of personality also may come into it, as I'm very soft hearted and find it incredibly hard to say no to people. Could this possibly play a part in the way I feel? Or does anyone know anything? I feel very ignored as I struggle to talk about my feelings and come across as happy as I hide my feelings very well.

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  • Have you tried to a PQH-9 assessment online? That might give you an idea whether you are depressed. Chest pain could be anxiety ? I am surprised your GP hasn't come up with any diagnosis.

    But the physical and mentally drained feeling is typical for depression, as I have the same.

    Take care, it's not easy but you will find a way out.

  • Three years is far too long to be suffering as you are. I don't think your doctor is looking after you properly. I think you need to find out whether your symptoms are caused by a physical or a mental condition--or both. Have you ever been put on medication of any kind? For once, concentrate on yourself, not other folk. After all, you won't be able to look after others if you're not well yourself. Please let me know how you get on. Myra.x.

  • Thanks Myra! When I went to the doctors they didn't really say anything, it's been horrible the past three years I have no motivation and as I'm only 18 a few years ago I wasn't allowed medication and they prefer me not to have it at a young age which I totally understand as I want to be a mental health nurse myself, it's just so frustrating that nothing has been found as everyday feels worse than the day before :-( but thanks so much :-) I'm at the doctors again this week and hopefully this time I get an answer! Take care x

  • Thanks Sunshine for that recommendation! I'll try the online assessment :) I done one from the NHS website and it told me to go to the doctors for further advice and they never really said or diagnosed anything, just referred me to counselling and they've never got back to me yet. I've never really thought about anxiety as the only symptom of anxiety I feel is chest pains and the occasional over sweating. It may be stress I dunno, but thanks very much :-)

  • Hi I do have one thought on this. Have you ever been tested for low vitamin B12? It is fairly rare but it can cause the symptoms you describe. Ask your doctor for a test. You can try buying vit B12 over the counter and seeing if it helps. If you are on any other meds check first (with your pharmacist?) whether it is ok. x

  • Hi Coughalot! Someone suggested that to me not so long ago, and I went and gone tested for it and my result said I was no where near the milestone, so I dunno what is happening with my body! I'm 18 and should be full of life but I'm on the verge of collapsing constantly but it makes me so ill, but thanks for your suggestion! X