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Who made our world the way it is? What makes you(not all of you hopefully) guys think that everything orbits around benefit? Why did Jesus come to earth?

Do husbands and wives have separate bank accounts? (hahaha)Sorry, it is so funny!

Can't you see that we (humans on Earth) are trapped in a vicious circle...actually suspicion in others that they could take advantage of us turned us into material comprehension of the world where we live in, as opposed to the genuine truth: we are spiritual beings in essence, but someone else(or something else) imposed its tricks to budge us into something that we are not.

i really do not know you personally and i would like to. I would like to have a beer with you anywhere, in Scotland or London or...to talk about music and poetry...

have a good time

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Ah George I never said that and you are putting words in my mouth now. I said that I don't believe in pure altruism which is very different. When people help others freely and without charge there is an element of enjoyment/pleasure in it for them also. There is a lot of astruism in the world including from myself but never pure altruism.

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How can we help ?

Generally we are not here to put the world right.

You seem to want to discuss a topic not really connected to depression.

How can we help you

I do not discuss hypotheticals etc here


Interesting thought " who made our world the way it is", surely each and every one of us? Oh well we can't change things overnight either but it's nice to know people are always trying😊

It's nice to think no one can be generalised as each and every one of us is unique, maybe a big mistake to look over the garden fence to see how that person lives, is it not irrelevant anyway.

Wasn't it Gandhi that said be the change you want to see in the world. We can't change so many things, but I always like to think with work and effort I can energize my own little bubble and then feel love and compassion when I reach out and try to talk to others, even when I just irritate them, it's never intentional😊

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