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What's Missing?

Independent creative who always had hobbies on the side. Now:

- Uni Grad living with family member (Whose not often social)

- Unemployed Freelance Graphic Designer (Lacking motivation to create.)

- Long Distance Relationship. (Stable.)

- Talk to friends a few times a week.

- Job hunting for 4 months.

- Cries 2/3 days a week. (Low moral sometimes even with friends)

- No motivation to

- Sometimes 4 meals a day. Sometimes 1 a day.

- Lacking in concentration.

- Constant mild headaches.

- Sleeping OKish.

Guessing I just need a job to fix all this.

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Hi there, sometimes writing down our problem clarifies the issue. So I feel you

Have answered your own question. Unemployment is tough and can cause

Stress and Depression.

Were you ever Depressed before? Crying does seem to be unusual if your

Unemployed so maybe you need to see a GP.

Don't wait to feel Motivated, when we are Depressed we can lack motivation, I

Certainly do. Act as if you were motivated and doing something, anything will

Help you to get out the funk you are in. Try not to get stuck in passivity. take

Action, Join an Urban Sketchers Group in your area and start to do things.

Are you in the UK? As I felt you were in another country , so culturally things may

Be different. You seem to have lots of positive things too in your life, such as a

Relationship, so be grateful for what you have.

Good luck with job hunting and stay strong .



I am so sorry to hear your struggle to find work after working so hard at uni to get ahead in life, it's so hard at the moment not only finding the right job but any opening, my daughter took two years, but she occupied her self with a mixture of voluntary work, temp agency work and doing what she was passionate about.

Sadly the motivation part has to come from within, but as long as you want to you will be on the way to recovery xxx

You sound an amazing creative person who needs feel that passion that is still in you. If you think your priority at the moment is finding work as an illustrator then you need to illustrate, start with something small and then look at it and praise yourself if there is no one else to give you that little uplift. I will never forget when Caroline on here said she suffers from drawing terrets I have such a wonderful picture of her doodling on anything and everything :-)

Also if you are applying for those types of openings you need to develop your uniqueness, always make sure you attached photocopies to your cv, they might receive a lot of applications and yours needs to stand out. If you start now every day you don't know what masterpieces you may create on this particular quest and attaching that one particular drawing may give you exactly what you're looking for.

I came across a lovely Einstein quote today "I must be willing to give up who I am to become who I can be" there is genius in every single one of us and you just need to follow your passion.

Each tiny positive thought you can muster, recall it at the end of the day and be proud, tomorrow you can build on it, don't let these circumstances deflate you, it's ok to have a cry sometimes but even have a go at doing that a little different? I fancied a cry this morning and went on YouTube watching Jessie j perform who you are and got a lovely release. We all respond to different stimuli, so be curious, inquisitive and keep looking for the little things that help.

Don't be afraid to shine and don't be afraid to ask for help from every place you can find it. Lots of hugs Moni xx


This may seem trite but volunteering can fill a gap whilst you are waiting for a job.

Its sounds as if you have been fulfilled and had good sense of worth. Being without that purpose in life can leave a huge mental gap.

There are some very diverse volunteer opportunities out that. Google as search for where you live.

Best of luck



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