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Is this depression?


Who is this person I am becoming ? It's been 9 months now since I had my son and now depression comes along... I can't find myself happy I'm crying everyday now I'm so afraid I feel like I'm alone , I feel so nauseous these last couple of days Idk what's wrong with me I'm so afraid 😢💔😢 please somebody talk to me or help me I really don't like feeling this way... I feel like I'm losing my self😔

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You've done the right thing explaining how you feel. You are not alone in experiencing such feelings as the mother of a young baby. There's no need to be afraid as there is practical help out there.

First of all, do you have a relative or a close friend you can confide in at the moment? If so, you'll be surprised how they understand. If your symptoms persist following a 'heart to heart' conversation with someone you know, then a visit to your GP would be the next step.

What you are experiencing is so very common.

I'll stay online for a while in case you want to reply.



Hello eshaaa

You were very young when you had your child, seventeen I understand.

Generally speaking when this happens so early in life it can affect your mental health as in ways you have not reached an adult age and are still in your teens. Now I understand when we are in mid teens we are still growing up and in ways we have not really lived that part of life where we are learning about adult expectations and how we are supposed to deal with all the complex situations that generally adults may need to understand. Many would possibly feel you are living this part of life too early on in your life and you may need support that may be lacking and this can be a real problem

When a child is born and the mother and father are young you are pushed into adulthood even if the couples family members are helping out, you are still left with a young life that has needs and understanding. this must make you feel daunted with all the decisions you need to take. Sad to say I feel unable to fully help with this.

You need the help of Social Teams and further deep help from family members. As I feel you have been pushed into a life that many females would not find themselves in until they were out of their teens. I suppose in a way your man will be feeling the same way and will expect you to take all the slack as far as children are concerned.

You need to get help to share all these responsibilities it must be all overwhelming and possibly frightening to go through this part of life when your life expectations have been in someway hijacked

Look after yourself, I understand that some of above may not be popular with certain parts of Society and in a way I feel concerned that you are so young

All the best



I'm so sorry to hear this is how you are feeling.I really wish I could give you a big hug. You've been very brave in speaking out so you should be really proud as it isn't easy at first. It does sound to me like you are depressed so I'd recommend visiting your GP.

You may feel lost at the moment,but there is help. Have you thought of doing excercise?I know the idea does sound daunting and not always the most joyous of activities but it really can help.

It may be worth looking in to support groups and your GP may be able to help you with this. You may find in your town a Mind. This is an organisation that offers walk in counselling services and social activities and also sport. Your GP may also be able to give you medication and it may make things worse before they get better.

I really wish you every success in finding the old you again. I want to help you through this dreadful patch so please contact me if you need some advice.

All of my very best wishes,




Sounds like you have post natal depression try not to worry it is very common for women to feel that way after having children Most experts believe that PND .is caused by a combination of factors. The hormonal changes that happen after having a baby can affect some women more than others. Social, emotional and psychological factors also play a big part .Though a history of depression increases your risk of PND, it doesn’t mean that you will automatically get it. Being aware of this increased risk can help you, your family, your health visitor and GP to look out for signs that you may need treatment. You may also be given support and encouragement to try self-help tips for avoiding PND maybe you feel nauseous because you are stressing out you will be fine relax hope you feel better soon .

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