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I am focusing on day to day at the moment , when i get up in the morning i write down 3 things that i am grateful for and they are on a post it above my computer to remind me life isn't that bad . I have decided to abstain from two things that have had serious consequences for me in my life, gambling and alcohol. Feeling hopeless , helpless and all the other crap that goes on is not helped by self medicating with alcohol or gambling to forget. It's like BACON AND EGGS- The chicken makes a little effort , but the pig makes a commitment if you know what i mean . M.

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Well you made me smile and good for you for recognises the three good things everyday. Welcome to the forum,

Sarah x

in reply to 21esme

Thanks Sarah i got the three things a day from someone else on another forum, we have got to stay positive. M.

Hi there and welcome here to the Forum. I think looking for

The things we can be grateful for is always a great help.

So thanks for reminding me to do that. Gambling and any addiction

Would make most people feel awful so it's great that you recognise



Thanks for your reply Hannah i too have no family support whatsoever so have to rely on my own support mechanisms . M.

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