There is help - within yourself, friends, even the NHS

I really really feel for anyone with depression. I had it bad. I was so anxious I had to quit my job because I thought I wasn't going to survive another month if I stayed. I have a lot of experience, many negative over the last year, of which I believe depression has played a part.

Please will you help me support others, and read my new blog. I want genuine feedback and comments for how I can build it up. I will also be discussing what worked for me and what didn't

Cheers: starryeyedmotivator.wordpre...

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for the link, I will read it and get back to you.


  • Thanks for this. I have had a look and think it is a great idea ; not sure if you want constructive criticism about the design of the blog or not but I will give it anyway and you can ignore if not relevant.

    I think that when you look at it the start of the text should be on the left at the top and the picture which you have on the left would look better on the right. Will have a further look later to see if I can offer any more comments too. Just stating this one as it struck me straightaway (it looked like there was the beginning of the text missing at first) Hope you don't mind me saying this as it is said in a helpful spirit.

    Gemmalouise X

  • I read your blog today and it's good. That's so me when my depressions bad. I've signed up to follow you. Thanks Sam

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