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Living back at home with parents

The things that take away from my happiness are very simple - I think about them all the time.

I compare myself to others all the time -

Im never satisfied with what Im doing (job) -

When I was at uni all I wanted was to go home - (I was living in a card board box)

But all I want now is to go back uni - back to city life now that I live at home.

Whenever I think about the future I feel scared about being able to cope if I move away from what Im used to (being in a small town - knowing pretty much everyone)

Although its 'comfortable' here.... I am bored, unsatisfied and I know its not enough.

Although I am working I dont feel like I have any real direction in which I am planning my future. I want to travel..... but I want a career in Art & Design. If I save the money I am earning now to finance one of these things....

2 options

1. Book flight and travel to Australia - stay with family and travel around - find a job etc etc. For 1 year.

(amazing experience)

2. Use the money to go back into education - do an MA in Design for 1 year which will immensely help me to find work anywhere over the world.


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Hi Pandora try not to compare yourself to anyone, as we never know what's

Really going on In anyone else's life. It's pointless to look at others and compare .

You are the only one who can make a decision in what to do, but doings your

Masters woukd give you a great jumping off point , so why not make that your

Goal? This time with living at home won't last for ever so try and just go

With the flow. Write out your Goals and what steps you need to take to

Achieve them.

Hannah x


Hi Pandora well stop comparing yourself to other people - that's a mugs game and you will never be happy while you are doing that. life isn't a competition you know so just go for the things that make you happy and don't worry about others. Good luck with your choices.


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Either choice seems good, and who knows where they might lead. You could end up doing both, in either order. Why not flip a coin?


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