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I understand the people who do this because I'm going to try and stop I got scars leg and arm.

I remember when my parents Cort me doing it and I ran away and the police come looking for me and sent out ambulance out to take me to hospital.

I would also like to say about myself. I was fighting for my life when I was 3years old no oxygen was getting to my Brain.also when I was 13years old I was in bed and I stoped breathing. I have no idea how long for but I started breathing again sometimes I have to get my boyfriend to listen out for me when I go to sleep but he will be fast asleep so I have to keep waking up making sure I haven't stoped breathing x

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hi M, I hope this site might help.


take care,

hamble :)

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What you experience and do to yourself all sounds very difficult for you. If you haven't already done so why not ask your GP to refer you for some help, there are services that specialise in self-harm and other services which can offer you an opportunity to talk through your anxiety about stopping breathing (dying).


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Thank you ?


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