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About myself

My life, won't easy for me, my family kicked me out when I was 15 years old I lived in at hostel until I was 18, it wont easy for me because when I was down I had no one to turn to even that I got to know everyone I still didn't want to talk to anyone about my issue because I just also said to myself it was my fault I lost my family but really it won't. I know how so many people out in the world feeling with getting bullied or just feeling your nothing to the world and nothing to no one. I know how it feels to lose the people that you through loved you and cared about you I understand. Tanks for Reading

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Ah bless you and thank you for sharing. It sounds like you've had things quite tough and are still struggling with low self esteem and loneliness. It isn't easy but we are all here to support each other on here and I hope you get some comfort from reading and sharing with others.

Gemmalouise XX


I thank you and hope so I could do with it ?


Hi there and welcome to the Forum, I was sad reading your Post, you have had

A very hard time in life. But try and remember that none of it was your fault,

You were unfortunate to be born Into an uncaring family , it is hard when you

Feel let down by those who should care about you.

You are still you and are just as valuable as everyone else. This Forum is a great

Place for help and support and I hope you find help and TLC here.


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I nearly broke down. Thank you for understanding x


Please take care of yourself and as Gemma said talk any

Worries over with your boyfriend, but also try and have fun

Together as your both Young and your confidence will

Improve, you look like a lovely young girl. It's a really nice photo,

Enjoy each day and don't think too much about losing him, as

He probably worries about losing you too. It's called young love. Lol.

Hannah x


Haha understand :) Hope things change for you and Gemma x


Hi, Yes I always feel that young people with no support should have a network of people who do care about them not just thrown out of care and into a flat - because out in the big world I know people would offer support to young people if they had some way of knowing.... I would --- do you think you are a strong young person now and independant I bet you are, but I agree its a tough deal in life not to have the support when young. juexx


I grew stronger knowing that I lived on my own when I was 15 and had to solve my own problems on my own x


Yes, I bet you are a strong person - but when you have your own family (children) make sure you support them always give lots of support and love to them. Take Care of yourselve and remember life changes daily you will find the love of your own family one day do not give up and loose faith . Juexx


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