Over-opinionated people

So I work with some very BIG characters. People of all shapes and sizes sometimes with very BIG opinions to say the least.

Im the sort of person who doesnt voice every single opinion of mine because who knows who I might offend in the process - Obviously Im myself around everyone but I dont feel the need to talk negatively about something 'I dont agree with' or 'I think should be done differently', I do this so I dont unknowingly hurt anyones feelings. Plus my deepest opinions about 'this and that' dont really need to be shared to an office full of people who I only know as my work colleagues. I'd rather talk about happy things and laugh instead of curse everything that I 'hate' for fun, because lets be honest - its not fun and they might be getting a kick out of it but its not fun, its negative.

ANYWAY... Some of the people have the most RIGID... and BIG opinions about things they know nothing about. They have no experience or knowledge in an area and they will freely word vomit all over it. It just annoys me!!!!! Some things that they say are really offensive but they pass it off as ...'BANTER'... I dont actually know how they get away with it! Alot of the things a few people say are really quite offensive and bad mannered. I find it hard to deal with on a daily basis. If I need to stick up for myself I know how to and I can do that easily... but the general style of conversation is just so pathetic... Its like do you not have anything else to talk about apart from everything thats 'bad'??? People make problems for themselves out of nothing because they constantly turn it into a bad situation!!

These are just my daily thoughts.

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  • Hi Liz

    Yes unfortunately we have to turn a deaf ear sometimes, as people who work

    With us are maybe colleagues but we would never choose them as friends.

    I do think it's better to be strong and not join in with their negativity .

    Hannah xx

  • Do you have any written guidance in your terms of employment about what is considered acceptable behaviour, and how to handle such situations? Do you feel confident enough to tackle it head on or would you prefer to let it go for a quiet life? If you feel tackling it head on would backfire on you, but cannot let it go as it is making you miserable, then the other alternatives are to either re-frame it (see it for what it is, a light hearted but illadvised way of dealing with something that is bothering them) or maybe report them to someone who can do something about it. Is there a confidential whistle blowing policy in your company? If not, there should be. It is a legal requirement now.

  • Hi unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who are very limited. They are not big people but little ones. They can only justify their own sad existence by slagging off others. The best thing to do is ignore them and pity them for being so bigoted. You can't argue with folk like that so don't try is my advice. This is caused by fear of the outside world and feeling threatned by things they do not understand. Feel sorry for them instead.

    Bev xx