Todays update

SO today was Monday. Back to reality and back to work after the weekend.

I felt SO depressed and down thismorning like sometimes I just feel AWFUL and thismorning was one of those days. I had alot of sleep last night - I usually sleep really well anyway but I slept for about 10 hours last night and I think whenever I have too much sleep it makes me feel worse. Sometimes when I have less sleep I feel better.

But I felt soooo down I started worrying about why I was feeling down etc. I just go into this way of thinking and I forget completely about all the good things. When I feel like this I go all introverted and quiet and can hardly have a proper conversation - it feels like its ALOT of effort to participate in a proper conversation or concentrate on anything.

After about 1 oclock/2 oclock I started to feel alot better. After eating etc and being around people all day I did feel alot better but not back to myself. Now that its 6 oclock and Im home I feel back to normal.

I just dont know why this is! Its only ever in the morning when I feel really really down! Does anyone else feel like this?

I guarantee tomorow I will feel loads better but its usually monday mornings haha...... or just a few mornings in general! Its asif I have to build up my happy thoughts throughout the day! Does anyone else get like this?



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4 Replies

  • Hi Pandora yes I can relate to what you have written. I am retired now but

    When I was working I would feel terrible in the morning and it would be

    A real strain talking to colleagues and my boss, my mood like yours would

    Improve as the day went on. It was pretty awful.

    Pandora the reason I was feeling like this was because I was suffering

    From Depression, it's not normal to feel so bad, or what I mean is that there

    Is hope for you, you are very young and should get your Mood sorted out.

    I note you say that you have not been diagnosed with Depression, so My

    Advice is to go to your GP and have a chat and tell him how you feel.

    I found different antidepressants and therapy helped me and realising that

    It was not my fault that I felt like this. So in short if I were you I would not

    Put up with this way of life . There is a lot that can help you out there , and

    It's only when you begin to feel better that you will wonder why you waited

    A minute before getting help.

    Hannah x

  • Hi Pandora I agree with Hannah as usual. Have you read my post on depression? It might help you to decide whether or not you do have depression.

    I am a night bird not a morning one so yes I did feel dreadful in the mornings too. Generally my mood would improve until by 12ish I would feel ok. But my mood would go down in the afternoons around 3 as I became more and more tired and then until 5 going home time it was a bit of a nightmare. Mind you I did hate my job which didn't help. Like Hannah I am retired now and living on a couple of private pensions but I can't get my state pension until 65.

    Please go to the doctors as anti-depressants and/or counselling might help you. Take care

    bev xx

  • hi pandora how are you feeling today tuesday ! i must have a week full of mondays as i feel depressed every day ! david

  • So much better! Thanks for asking :) how are you feeling today? Aw bless you! Well I hope today was a better day for you than what I had yesterday haha. x