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This time of year

This time of year

Hi thought I'd share one of Michael Leunig's cartoon's with you.

If you haven't heard of him do check him out as there's loads of good stuff; he is an Australian cartoonist, philosopher; you name it.... a lot of it very mental health related.

Not all of it is as uplifting as this so there's plenty of less cheerful stuff if that's what you want.

My favourite at the moment is one called "Sitting on the fence" but this one is more related to this time of year so thought I would post.

Gemma X

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Thanks Gemma, they are lovely and fun. Hectic at the moment, but hopefully things will quieten down soon. xx


Hello Gemma

This year I do not feel any anticipation of Christmas we are having a friend around on the 25 then going out for a meal on the 26

What are you up to ??



Hi Bob, I've got the 25th and half of the 26th "covered". I'm afraid in many ways i still see life as "getting through" certain difficult times of the year when there is not so much of a routine for me to be able to follow. Sorry to sound so miserable but today has felt long. I'm ok though, managing ; and have a plan for tomorrow and the next day.

Gemma x


Gemma we will be online and try not to feel alone , as we can have a chat. I have invited

My best friend to XmAs dinner at my place. I feel really tired as I have a sore

Throat and bad cold , so I wish I had to do nothing at all except relax.


Hannah x


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