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My name is darlene . I've had depression most of my life. But it all came out 7 years ago when I lost my dream job , my very own kitchen, I worked hard, my employees came my family any way I thought, then one to destroy my life, I lost job, my friends, most importantly who I was. I haven't been the same. I don't have confidence in my self. and to trust is so hard. I find my self crying eveyday.. I know I am one of the best persons caring and loving but still being used. Just want true friend. And a kitchen to cook in

Confused. Your friend darlene

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  • Hi, I know how you feel there. It is incredibly hard to find a true friend these days.

    I was very close to getting my dream job. But basically I wasn't good enough and I had to give up that dream. So I know how that feels.

    Hopefully your confidence will build up again. Did you own a restaurant or something?

  • We all are caring and loving and that is our problem, there are people out there that don,t give a damn about anybody or anything. I feel so sorry for you, we have to be strong and try not to let them destroy us. thoughts and prayers with you. x

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