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Not been on for a while. Hope you are all okay

Hi guys!

I had my sertraline upped from 50-100mg and it has made such a difference. I am still not 100% but its a big improvement. Me and my fiance have been getting on so much better. Things are a bit strained the now as he went off on one at me and i wasnt very pleased. Hes stressed with xmas coming up but he has to realise that isn't my fault. I often feel that a dip in my mood gets blamed for all the problems within our relationship when that isnt the case. I am battling everyday and my recovery is getting there. I wish there wasnt such an emphasis on my mood as i often feel to blame for everything. I have seen a cruse bereavement counsellor and i feel so much more capable of dealing with things. I miss my mum like crazy and i often feel a bit down which is understandable surely? However when i feel a bit down in dec and my grief gets the blame i get a bit annoyed. Everyone else is allowed to feel down and be stressed at times but it is a HUGE thing when i am. That's not fair. All in all though i'm feeling good. First christmas with the wee dude and i am cooking christmas dinner for us all. Nearly there with the presents and i'm quite organised. In the middle of applying for my post grad teaching course for next september so fingers crossed. One year and i could be a qualified primary teacher :) hope you are all well x

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Good to hear from you Les and that things seems to be working out for you. I have noticed you haven't been on for a while and was wondering how you were getting on.

I too am on sertraline and mine was upped quickly from 100mg to 150mg. I feel much better for it. Take care. Bev x


Hello, I haven't seen you on here for ages! Sorry for the delay in replying, I've not logged in this week. Interesting what you say about your mood getting blamed for everything that goes wrong. When I had PND after the birth if my daughter, my ex would twist my being depressed and use it to his advantage. He'd go out night after night and if I questioned why he was never at home, he'd say it was because he couldn't stand being around me snapping at him all the time. It made me blame myself for our break up and it took me a long time to think any differently.

Great news about your PGCE course, although I do wonder why anyone would choose to go into the profession in this day and age! if I had my time again I'd do anything BUT teach! Any hell you need with your application or once you're on the course, just give me a shout!

Lucy x


Thank you girls. Been so busy over the xmas period that i have forgot to log in until my rant last night. Really struggling. Wish i could fight this depression! I don't think i am giving it the respect it deserves. It is debilitating. Wouldnt wish this on anyone. All i want is a cuddle when i feel like this but all i get is berated and shouted at. Happy New Year guys x


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